Project Profile:
Ripple Creative Group Turns to NVIDIA Quadro and PNY
To Streamline Management of Massive Virtual Building Tour Files and Establishes a New Standard for its Production Pipeline
Ripple Creative Group Turns to NVIDIA Quadro and PNY
Communicating what's in the mind's eye of an architect or interior designer can be daunting, especially for large, unusual, or groundbreaking projects. Ripple Creative Group has built its business around visualizing building and real estate projects in such exquisite and accurate detail that anyone can see what the built project will actually look like. Their latest project, using one massive file for design and edits, not only let Ripple achieve the 100% paperless design/build process criteria for the ABC Green House virtual tour, it completely revamped the way they work, establishing a more efficient graphics pipeline that has become their new standard. Read More

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Business Issues:
Gaming Is Big Business...for Those Employing Predictive Analytics
Gaming Is Big Business...for Those Employing Predictive Analytics
For online and video gaming, the upheaval in industry practices toward digital has caused a drastic reconfiguration within business models, advertising revenue and the general approach to the industry at large. In this live webcast, you'll learn how predictive analytics can help you analyze a myriad of data, understand the attributes of high-value players, predict lifetime value and score individual players on various affinities so you can deliver the right offer at the right time. Read More
Product Review:
Flame Painter 2.0
Flame Painter 2.0
The premise of Flame Painter is that brushes simulate streaks of colored light - flames - and using this method, some amazing images can be created from scratch, or existing photos and images can be over painted. Version 2.0 extends the capability of Flame Painter in a large number of areas, some minor, but others notable indeed. Read More
The Consumer Video-editing Revolution
The Consumer Video-editing Revolution
The advent of digital video technologies has brought the Hollywood professional??s editing tools down to the consumer level. Now, even a teen can try his hand at becoming the next George Lucas or James Cameron -- and there??s a ready audience w Read More
Southern California Celebrates Segerstrom Center for the Arts
Southern California Celebrates Segerstrom Center for the Arts
Anniversary Celebrations to Include an International Dance Commission for 'Bolshoi Ballet Stars Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev, and a New "Access for All" Initiative Read More
TRON: Evolution -- Game Developers Go Hollywood
<em><strong>TRON: Evolution</strong></em> -- Game Developers Go Hollywood
DisneyInteractive Studios has a PC game that serves as a bridge between TRON the 1982 hit movie, and TRON: Legacy, the 2010 sequel. Propaganda Gamesworked with the filmmakers to enable gamers to interac Read More

Autodesk acquires Shotgun Software
In a blog post today , Don Parker first reminds us that SHOTGUN SOFTWARE IS NOT GOING AWAY. It's just going to get better.  If you're considRead More
NABShow 2014: International
One of the things that makes NABShow so great is the ability to come together with 1,000s of friends at a time in a single spot! Sure, it'd beRead More
NAB 2014 NABShow is PEOPLE
People have argued about the necessity of big trade shows.  Why travel from halfway around the world to see a presentation that might be availablRead More
NAB 2014: Plugin Pavilion
At NABShow, there are many exhibitors who return year after year, providing broadcasters with the latest news from their company.  And, year after Read More
MODBOOK. macbook+wacom
Modbook is back. But is it more than it's previous incarnation? I reviewed the original modbook a few years ago.  It was a new concept then, and Read More

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