Trends in Device Turnover By CDATABy Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette From OS upgrade availability to non-user-removable batteries, multiple factors affect how often people replace their smartphone. That turnover then affects the app market. Heres what you need to know. ...Read More »
Video Compression In The Age Of Mobile Devices In the multi-screen world, video in all its glorious resolutions and formats must be processed for a variety of bandwidths to serve an ever-growing network of screens. That's a lot of permutations, or video profiles. And that puts unprecedented strain on traditional ABR transcoders. ...Read More »
From Russia with Love With a goal of increasing financial literacy and helping its customers live the rich life, financial education expert and founder of The Rich Dad Company, Robert Kiyosaki, and his team of experts provide financial education to millions of people worldwide. The company's mantra is "Knowledge is the New Money," and everything they do has the common goal of increasing financial knowledge around the globe through books, seminars, videos, coaching, social media, innovative technology and even a board and Web game. However, the company's biggest draw is always Robert's live stage presentations. ...Read More »
Has UI and UX Innovation Plateaued? By Tim Kridel As speech control starts to replace touch interfaces in some apps, it`s worth pondering whether new UIs will make for a better UX -- or just more confusion. ...Read More »
Mitigate Mobile Cross-platform Headaches By Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette When it comes to operating systems, the mobile world is a poster child for fragmentation. The good news: A growing selection of cross-platform development tools can help. ...Read More »
Living Safely in the Cloud By el Benjamin Here's what it means to live life 'in the cloud,' taking advantage of all this newer technology has to offer. ...Read More »
How to Design a Retail App By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette The hurdles of creating a retail app are unlike many other spaces. Try these tips from SmartHawk and take your retail app beyond brochureware. ...Read More »
Which OS Should You Target? By Tim Kridel The good news is that a majority of mobile users own a smartphone. The bad news? They`re using a half-dozen different operating systems. Here, a veteran analyst explains what to consider. ...Read More »
Time to Phase out Desk Phones? By Tim Kridel for Intelligence In Software VoIP softphones are abundant and enabling; some even support video calling. Here`s how to determine whether it`s time to ditch desk phones -- and how to do it. ...Read More »
Why Linux Needs Malware Protection By Tim Kridel for Intelligence In Software As Linux attacks increase across servers, PCs and Android smartphones, security by obscurity`s not enough. Here`s how enterprises and developers should be rethinking their assumptions about Linux platform and device security. ...Read More »
Crystal Ball: Whats the Future of Mobile? By Stu Horvath for Digital Innovation Gazette Futurist Brian David Johnson talks about what he expects from human-computer technology over the next two decades. ...Read More »
Where Do Ultrabook Devices Fit In? By Tim Kridel for Intelligence In Software The Ultrabook is a new category of laptops that balances responsive performance with a sleek, lightweight design. Here`s why CIOs and IT managers should care. ...Read More »
Under the Hood: A Look Inside the Ultrabook By Dominic Milano for Digital Innovation Gazette Take a look inside the ultrabook as we investigate the new devices power and versatility. ...Read More »
Does Your Enterprise Need Its Own App Store? By John Moore for Intelligence In Software Here`s why it should -- and what to consider in developing an app store strategy for your enterprise. ...Read More »
Crystal Ball: Whats the Future of Mobile? By Stu Horvath for Digital Innovation Gazette Futurist Brian David Johnson talks about what he expects from human-computer technology over the next two decades. ...Read More »
CES 2012: More Powerful PCs and New Ways to Game By John Gaudiosi This year`s CES saw a plethora of gaming innovations, including more 3D devices and increasingly powerful -- and portable -- PCs. ...Read More »
How to Reduce Smartphone Security Risks Employees using their own smartphones for work? Heres how to cope, says this mobile expert. ...Read More »
Near Field Communication: Niche Tech or the Next Big Thing? By Tim Kridel for Intelligence In Software Vendors are adding this ultra-short-range wireless technology to devices such as smartphones and laptops, for applications such as electronic payment. Is this just scratching the surface of what NFC can do? Intel`s NFC experts offer insight. ...Read More »
5 Apps and Strategies for Mobile Security You carry your life in your smartphone these days. Heres how to protect your data. ...Read More »
Gaming in Transition and Revolution, Part 2 By Matt Ployhar In this series, Matt Ployhar takes a look at recent transitions in the gaming industry and tries to predict how current and imminent technologies will revolutionize the business. ...Read More »
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