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The Steve Jobs Way By Miles Weston We know we don't often talk to you about book reviews but then it is seldom we read a book that is of widespread interest to our mutual audiences. As we note we're not Apple/Jobs fanboys but OMG we respect what they've done and in fact we're "a little" envious that they: - seem to do it so well so consistently - get more coverage by "accident" than the rest of us get by working hard for it ...Read More »
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DVD Burning Software - Free vs Paid? By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld When you are evaluating the very best free software for DVD burning on Windows it's important to understand what is offered inside a free version over a paid version. While this article will explain several free burning apps and their benefits, I'll also explain a few paid options as well, as to what they offer over the freeware counterparts. ...Read More »
Quick Look: Latest Smart Phones Here is a quick rundown of the latest and greatest smartphones on Apple, Android, Windows and Symbian^3 OS's. ...Read More »
Adobe CS5 Web Premium Part Three: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and the Rest By Kevin Schmitt We're down to the last major pieces of Adobe CS5 Web Premium, but last doesn't always mean least. OR DOES IT??? HMMMM??? With that as a spectacular teaser, let's spend our final installment looking at two holdovers from those halcyon Macromedia days of yore: Dreamweaver, the venerable web site building tool, and Fireworks, the oft-overlooked prototyping and vector/bitmap editing powerhouse. ...Read More »
Adobe CS5 Web Premium Part Two: The Flash Platform By Kevin Schmitt Honesty time, dear readers: I don't think this is going to be an actual review. As Velveeta is to real cheese, there may be some review-like qualities to what follows, but considering the current all-out assault on Flash and everything it stands for, it may be beneficial to take a larger view of what Adobe has done in Web Premium CS5, namely the inclusion of not one, not two, but three separate tools for creating Flash content. ...Read More »
Adobe CS5 Web Premium Part One: Illustrator and Photoshop By Kevin Schmitt Adobe CS5 is finally shipping, so over the next few weeks we'll looking at the major programs which comprise the Web Premium package, starting off with the old stalwarts of the group. Now, it's somewhat hard to believe that 2010 marks Photoshop's 20th anniversary, with Illustrator having been around for a few years even before that, but here we are. Both products have certainly seen a lot of design trends and operating systems come and go in their time, but lest I take a long, nostalgic detour down software memory lane, let's simply get to the latest and greatest. ...Read More »
Adobe CS5: Five Things to Keep in Mind By Kevin Schmitt Eighteen months, seemingly like clockwork. A mere year-and-a-half after CS4 was released (which itself was a mere year-and-a-half after the release of CS3), Adobe has unveiled the CS5 lineup. Having had a chance to see and try the new versions for myself over the past several weeks, here are some general observations about the latest versions of Adobe's software uberbundles. ...Read More »
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe By John Virata WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an inexpensive video converter that enables you to take virtually any type of video file format and convert it to a variety of other video file formats. The application's interface uses a simple four step process to video conversion, and it is really quite simple. ...Read More »
Book Excerpt: My MacBook by John Ray By John Ray Editor's note: Excerpt from My MacBook by John Ray, Published by Que My MacBook provides step-by-step instructions with callouts to MacBook photos that show you exactly what to do. It offers help when you run into MacBook or Snow Leopard problems or limitations. ...Read More »
Alien Skin Eye Candy 6 By John Virata Alien Skin Eye Candy 6 is the company's latest collection of filters and textures for Adobe Photoshop CS4 and other image editors. The cool thing about Eye Candy 6 is the fact that each filter and texture can be tweaked to your heart's content, with more than 1500 presets in specific filters and textures. There are myriad sliders to work with to get just the right look that you are trying to achieve with a particular effect or texture. ...Read More »
Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 By John Virata It has been more than five years since I looked at any version of VideoStudio. In fact, what was my go to application for a long time was supplanted by the other applications on the market that compete with it. So, I consider it new to me again. What has Corel done to enhance the capabilities of VideoStudio? ...Read More »
iFunia Video Converter Pro for Macintosh By John Virata iFunia's Video Converter Pro is an application that converts your video into a wide variety of formats, including AVI, WMV, AVCHD, MKV, FLV, H.264/AVC, MP4, MOV, 3GP and DV. It is straightforward to use and the results are very good to excellent. The application works in three simple steps; Source Setup/Add, Destination Setup, and Start Conversion/Start. ...Read More »
Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 By John Virata PaintShop Photo Pro X3 is Corel Corp.'s latest update to its photo image editor. The application has been around in various iterations for more than 15 years and has a fairly large following. It is an image editor targeted at digital camera enthusiasts, and especially those with Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras who want a more robust image editing tool than what ships with the camera. ...Read More »
Apple Intros iPad By John Virata After years of hype, Apple, Inc. today introduced the iPad, a portable computing device that looks like a big iPhone. Introduced today by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the iPad features a touchscreen keypad, wireless capability, the capability to run all iPhone applications, all in a form factor that fits in between an iPhone and a MacBook. With the iPad, you can play movies, load maps, view photos, update your calendar, basically do the same things as on an iPhone, and more. ...Read More »
HDTV Buyer's Guidelines By Christina Hansen When it comes to choosing between Plasma and LCD, it's important to shop in the mindset that one high-def TV is not necessarily better than another - rather, it's a question of which one is right for you. That said, it can be a tough call to make when all that meets the eye are sleek screens and vibrant pictures - are Plasmas and LCDs really that different? ...Read More »
Lenovo D20 media workstation By John Virata Lenovo's D20 is the company's top of the line ThinkStation workstation. This particular model shipped with dual Intel E5540 2.53GHz Xeon processors (four processor cores), 12GB RAM, and Windows 7 Professional. Graphics was powered by an NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 graphics card. This is your classic media workstation, configured to run the latest creative applications from Adobe Systems, Autodesk, Sony Creative Software, as well as CAD tools such as AutoCAD, Pro Engineer, and others. ...Read More »
First Look: AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0 By John Virata AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0 is a Photoshop plugin filter that enables you to create cool puzzle looks with your Photoshop images. When you launch AV Broz Puzzle Pro 3.0, the plug-ins interface opens which enables you to further tweak the puzzle look of an image. ...Read More »
Ci Design's iStorage Pro iT8MIS 8 bay Mini SAS JBOD System By Kevin McAuliffe As a tech writer, I am lucky to have companies approach me to look at their products, and after looking at a competitor's product, I was approached by Ci Design to look at their iStorage Pro Mini SAS JBOD hard drive array. Since I'm always on the lookout for the best product for what I need to get done, I jumped at the chance. Here's how it turned out. ...Read More »
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