Basic Ransomware Prevention By Katia Shabanova Over the past few years, millions of PCs from around the world have been locked or had their files encrypted as a result of devious malware. According to Kaspersky Security Bulletin, in 2015 there were 1,966,324 registered notifications for attempted malware infections aiming to steal money via online access to bank accounts. Various ransomware programs were detected on 753,684 computers of unique users; more than 179,000 computers were targeted by encryption ransomware. ...Read More »
How Sensor Technology is Making Smart Cities By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly Municipalities can reap a multiple of benefits through sensors in the areas of garbage collection, transportation and parks and recreation as well as fleet management. ...Read More »
MacBook Pro review: The Touch Bar bridges the gap between iPad and Mac By IDG.TV With its innovative, contextual, customizable controls, the Touch Bar makes the new MacBook Pros worth buying. ...Read More »
IoT: Smart Cities By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Technology is Changing our Lives and now it's Helping Municipalities Become more Efficient and save Money. ...Read More »
Pixel is a Google smartphone, inside and out By IDG.TV The Pixel smartphone is the first phone created solely by Google. ...Read More »
The 411 on Going BYOD By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Checklist: Things you need to consider when bringing your own device to work. ...Read More »
Why Cloud Security is Essential for Keeping your Business Safe By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly New technology is emerging and making it easier for mid-size businesses to share and collect data. ...Read More »
Add a backup camera to your older car By IDG.TV The Pearl RearVision backup camera lets you retrofit an older vehicle to provide a view from behind. Keith Shaw from Network World gives you this look at the solar-powered license plate bracket and smartphone system. ...Read More »
Hot Trends in the Residential Construction Industry By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Increasing your companys efficiency with new technologies ...Read More »
Mobile Friendly Websites are more than just Fashionable By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly More consumers these days are utilizing their mobile devices to shop and here is why mobile-friendly websites will help retail businesses grow. ...Read More »
Best New Devices to Maximize your Business By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly From mobile devices to tablets, learn how you can stay on top of new trends that will help your bottom line. ...Read More »
Looking to Grow Your Business? There's an App for That! By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly Cutting edge apps that are helping the construction, agriculture, and healthcare sectors ...Read More »
Home Healthcare Update By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly A look at the latest advances from oral hygiene devices to pharmaceutical dispensing units in your home ...Read More »
Sensors and the Evolution of Well-Being By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly Everything you need to know about sensor technology in health care ...Read More »
Samsung product overview By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly How smart devices from Samsung can help your business ...Read More »
Rapid review: Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod By IDG.TV Hands on with the Hasselblad True Zoom camera Mod for Motorola's Z Droid smartphones. ...Read More »
Land Rover lets you control your car while skydiving By IDG.TV British adventurer, Ben Grylls, tested out the new Land Rover Discovery's Intelligent Seat Fold Technology while jumping from a plane. Using a smartphone app, drivers will be able to perform a variety of functions including closing the windows of their car and checking the fuel level from anywhere in the world. ...Read More »
4 TED Talks on Productivity By Seyran Dalipovski TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design was started back in the 80s as a private nonprofit organization. They had a simple message and that is "Ideas Worth Spreading". Over time and with the smartphone boom it has changed how we consume these TED Talks. They started to add the videos to their website back in 2006 and as of March 2016 have 2,400 talks to watch for free. Here are a handful of those talks focusing on issues with being productive and how you can overcome them. ...Read More »
Game of Thrones - The Story of Marketing By Ankita Kaushik, Product Evangelist What is that first thing that comes to your mind when you hear 'Game of Thrones'? No, it's not the Iron Throne. It is 'Jon Snow', 'Daenerys Targaryen' or 'Cersei Lannister'; the characters of this series that come to your mind. That's the kind of impact they have on us, the audience. Now how would you feel if I asked you to compare the characters from GoT to digital marketing roles. Sounds weird? But, it is not. If you actually analyze these two elements together, you can spot many similarities. Picture this ' Cersei was playing up to Margaery, but only to get to the Iron Throne. Isn't that similar to how a web designer is dependent on SEO but only for a better Google ranking? ...Read More »
EU Apple Ruling Heralds Twilight of Easy European Tax Deals By Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) -- The days when big U.S. technology companies could easily slice tax bills in Europe are coming to an end. ...Read More »
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