NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Change the Face of Travel at Vienna Airport Grabbing the attention of rushed passengers in one of Europe's busiest airports isn't an easy proposition. So when advertisers wanted to reach high-net-worth business travelers, Vienna Airport installed a compelling, innovative display technology that not only re-imagines advertising real estate, but also acts as an enlivening interactive art experience. Thanks to the new technology, passengers can have a more meaningful airport experience, advertisers are increasing their revenue stream, and Vienna airport is capturing more business travelers. ...Read More »
Gaming Is Big Business...for Those Employing Predictive Analytics For online and video gaming, the upheaval in industry practices toward digital has caused a drastic reconfiguration within business models, advertising revenue and the general approach to the industry at large. In this live webcast, you'll learn how predictive analytics can help you analyze a myriad of data, understand the attributes of high-value players, predict lifetime value and score individual players on various affinities so you can deliver the right offer at the right time. ...Read More »
IDG TechNetwork invites you to participate in a survey DG TechNetwork invites you to participate in a survey to help us deliver the online content and services most useful to you. ...Read More »
What Your Handbag Says About You By Elizabeth Mitchell for The Style Glossy Are you a free spirit? The queen of organization? Your bag might say more about your personality than you may think. ...Read More »
Getting It There By Miles Weston The 4K Ultra HD screens are brilliant to view and while people look on skeptically saying the content isn't there a few organizations are delivering not just great content but also content that can be streamed over broadband. This interview will get content owners thinking about the material stored in their vaults. ...Read More »
People Not Numbers By Larry O Connor The more customer data you have, the more you want until you forget what you're trying to do is figure out what the customer wants, needs. voice in what the company does, how it does it, how it is viewed, how it succeeds. Put the analytics aside and ask the customer! ...Read More »
Content Insider #325 - Video Everywhere By Miles Weston How many video links do you get a day? Five, 10, more? It used to be if you wanted to watch content you turned on your TV set. Today our kids have so many screen choices and so much video to watch that I've seen them watching TV, their iPads, their iPhone and Galaxy 4 (different preferences) while doing their homework on their ultralight notebooks. Me? I try to keep up with my emails and texts. Ancient man (and woman) told stories with pictures scrawled on cave walls so maybe we're regressing. Naw...you and I can still read so it's OK. ...Read More »
To Ensure a Powerful Corporate Video, Leave It to the Professionals By Sebastian Thaler In the Internet age, corporate videos have taken on a new importance. There is no excuse for poor quality, even if the company doing the video is a shoestring start-up created out of a spare bedroom that is finally turning a profit. Maybe the company is well past that stage and about to go public, or already public and eager to get exposure to potential investors, partners and the world at large. Regardless of the scenario, a corporate video, when done right, can work wonders in helping take things to the next level by telling a company's story in a way that is effective and entertaining. ...Read More »
Content Insider #323 - The Office Online By Miles Weston We work so hard to use social media to make a great impression with customers and business partners. But if you're the boss I wonder why you're not spending as much time on your most important asset...the people in your organization. Almost every senior executive we know says his/her most important asset walks out the door every evening. If they're so valuable why are they so ignored? Why is their "don't do that" list longer than their "do do that" list? Treat em right - you know like adults, professionals - and they'll come back tomorrow. ...Read More »
Content Insider #322 - Wonders of WOM By Miles Weston Have you ever noticed that everyone - all the social thingies - are telling you how powerful they are, how much influence they have, what they deliver like no one else can? If only it were that easy. Well actually it is pretty easy but it requires something wierd...paying attention to the customer. Overnight success is fiction. It's slow, methodical, detailed one customer at a time. Do it right and the word gets around. ...Read More »
Delivering Results By Larry O Connor Customer service/support isn't just one person or one group. It takes different team members, different strengths to keep the customer safe. Today's best companies really are A-Teams. They're people (creative, motivated, dedicated) and customer resources (for systems, devices and software). Granted, our team's work is less dangerous and has a different type of stress; but the work is just as focused on results... delivering the ultimate customer experience. Today's customers won't wait for Plan B. ...Read More »
Content Insider #320 - Being Human By Miles Weston We're still digesting all of the stuff we saw at CES. But we did notice a few things that stuck out like sore thumbs to us. The best keynotes (there were dozens), the best booths were those that were focused on the customer (the show visitor), not how great, how cool the company was. Funny how that works the places you want to spend the most time, associate with, buy from are the firms that aren't huge design wonders but human-centric. ...Read More »
Content Insider #319 - Winners, Losers By Miles Weston I always like the beginning of a new year because everyone is out to tell you which companies/products are going to win, which fail. Of course most folks never look back to last year to see how right/wrong they were. What's the fun in that? We're not going to give you our expert advice on the winners/losers for 2014 until December 31, 2014. Then we'll be able to improve our odds of being right. Hind sight is almost always 100 percent accurate!!! ...Read More »
Content Insider #315 - Flying Devices By Miles Weston Devices on a plane is more contentious than the Bush/Gore run-off in Florida a few years back. Keyclicks vs talking, wi-fi vs phone bill, FCC vs DOT. It's funny when you tell someone they can't do something it suddenly becomes a GAWD given right to do it. In most parts of the world people have been using their smartphones from the outset on air, sea, ground transportation when someone else is at the wheel. In the U.S. people have been "deprived" but there will be freedom at last and people want it all...NOW!!! They don't need it but it's so much cooler to holler on your phone that you're using it on the plane like OMG. Get over it and listen to the nice flight attendant tell you about water landings... ...Read More »
Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort impress guests with NEC displays In order to continually go beyond basic guest satisfaction, the teams behind Casino Arizona and Serving as premier destinations for dining, shopping and nightlife, Casino Arizona and its sister property, Talking Stick Resort, have been pillars in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each week, thousands of visitors come through both properties to enjoy the amenities, which include a 240,000-square-foot casino Las Vegas-style entertainment and 36 holes of championship-level golf at the Talking Stick Golf Club. Talking Stick Resort realize they have to first meet and exceed the standards set by their competitors. Although they are located in Scottsdale, the blazing neon lights of Las Vegas are just five hours away. Similarly, multiple other quality offerings are in the Phoenix market. So when the teams laid out plans for the future of both properties, they knew they needed something special to help them stand apart from the competition. ...Read More »
Content Insider #312 - Tomorrow's Trendsetters By Miles Weston Every year the industry spends billions of dollars to develop the next big thing. We research, engineer, design, test, retest, throw it out in the market and hope to gawd it sells. We're wasting a lot of time, money, effort. All we really need to do is go to school. Spend a few hours now and then in pre-school and the grades that follow. BAM!!! you'll see what the next generations do, how they do it, how they want to do it. They're the customers you're trying to build your organization's future on and you figure "hey they got no money." Guess who influences, helps mom, dad, grandpa, grandma? Yep and they're willing to tell you, show you what they want...just listen/watch! ...Read More »
Content Insider #310 - Hunters By Miles Weston I like lawyers as people just not as lawyers. Yes, there are a lot of them that I respect as lawyers...someone's gotta do that job. But there are those who really bother me and that's because they buy up (accumulate) or work for the guy who busys and then hunt around for companies to blackmail, threatenor sue if they don't pay for use of their questionable patents. There has to be some way to separate the wheat from the chaff, the frivilous/worthless lawsuits from the honest patents based on hard, sweaty creative efforts that deserve protection. I don't have the answers but gawd patent trolls are a real pain in the *** !!!! ...Read More »
Content Insider #309 - Shopping Tools By Miles Weston 2013 really flew by...it's almost CyberMonday. China snuck theirs in early and businesses cleaned up. Black Friday? Ferget it !!! Use your smartphone, tablet, ultrabook, whatever and shop hard in your easy chair. Next year Wal-Mart will be beat the Chinese to the punch with Cyber Post Labor Day but this year shopping will be serious, sharp, fast, rough, tough. As they say in Blue Bloods, "Be safe out there." ...Read More »
Behind every great device is a great network New research has shown exponential growth in the use of smart devices has upped demand for bandwidth for 84 per cent of organisations across the world. The survey was commissioned by Cisco and BT, and also found that 56 per cent of IT managers have also seen a decline in performance in some applications - thought to be a negative impact on smart devices' claims to increase productivity. ...Read More »
The ongoing battle for the cloud The last couple of years has introduced us to a relatively new phenomena, which has seen some big names in the technology industry taking over various cloud computing firms. It's been deemed 'The battle for the cloud', and as IT companies continue to increase their spend on software and marketing software, let's take a closer look at what's going on in this 'battle'. ...Read More »
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