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Content Insider #483 - Little But By Miles Weston We know you take storage for granted except when it's slow, not available, dies. But filmmakers are always thinking about their storage. They don't want much just fast, rugged, reliable, HUGE and inexpensive. No I didn't say cheap I said inexpensive and it was the last check mark for the filmmaker because reshooting is way too expensive and often impossible. At FMS (Flash Memory Summit) awhile ago industry experts - manufacturers, integrators and filmmakers - spent a day telling the attendees how they work, how they use flash and what they need to handle the growing volume of content they capture, process, produce and finalize for folks to consume at the theater as well as on their TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones. Great content is too valuable to lose. Just ask the people who make their living as creative visual/audio storytellers. ...Read More »
Game of Thrones - The Story of Marketing By Ankita Kaushik, Product Evangelist What is that first thing that comes to your mind when you hear 'Game of Thrones'? No, it's not the Iron Throne. It is 'Jon Snow', 'Daenerys Targaryen' or 'Cersei Lannister'; the characters of this series that come to your mind. That's the kind of impact they have on us, the audience. Now how would you feel if I asked you to compare the characters from GoT to digital marketing roles. Sounds weird? But, it is not. If you actually analyze these two elements together, you can spot many similarities. Picture this ' Cersei was playing up to Margaery, but only to get to the Iron Throne. Isn't that similar to how a web designer is dependent on SEO but only for a better Google ranking? ...Read More »
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