Behind every great device is a great network New research has shown exponential growth in the use of smart devices has upped demand for bandwidth for 84 per cent of organisations across the world. The survey was commissioned by Cisco and BT, and also found that 56 per cent of IT managers have also seen a decline in performance in some applications - thought to be a negative impact on smart devices' claims to increase productivity. ...Read More »
The ongoing battle for the cloud The last couple of years has introduced us to a relatively new phenomena, which has seen some big names in the technology industry taking over various cloud computing firms. It's been deemed 'The battle for the cloud', and as IT companies continue to increase their spend on software and marketing software, let's take a closer look at what's going on in this 'battle'. ...Read More »
Content Insider#307 - Talk to Me By Miles Weston Won't be long and we'll all have to have cars like the Tesla with batteries big enough to handle all of our information/entertainment/communications options. Check what's available and going to be available down in the LA area later this month then CES in January. Oh sure folks will be showing off their drive without driving cars but who cares about that. We're talking about car folks delivering your mobile office/home encapsulated in a sleek design with deep throated get-up-n-go on four super sharp looking wheels. Think of all the ways all the sites, advertisers, government agencies, ex-partners will be able to track you now...awesome dude/dudette!! ...Read More »
Content Insider # 306 - Total View By Miles Weston If you haven't already got your new tablet - iPad, Kindle, you-name-it - order yours today and maybe by the time they play Miracle on 34th Street for the 70th time you'll have yours and be able to watch any show you want, Twit with anyone, find eggnog recipies, shoot your own epic. Sure you'll say the tablet you got for your 3-year-old is for his/her education but it's really so you can grab/enjoy more video/game time. If the kid gets ahold of it...pure accident! But tablets today come in all sizes so get a couple because you don't really want to share. Yes it really is all about you! ...Read More »
Content Insider - Game On By Miles Weston Today it's all about gaming on anything, everything but there were the golden years well before that and after the first game industry bubble burst. It was what some like to log as the Tramiel Atari years. Forget the horror was a great time to be in games! ...Read More »
Content Insider # 303 - Your Hiding Place By Miles Weston You're accumulating so much digital stuff that you "just have to have" that your phone, tablet, ultrabook is running short on storage space. So you can shove it in the cloud (the price is right and hundreds of folks are just waiting for it) or you can make it personal, keep it personal. Or you could just have boring stuff and even when "they" open it they'd fall asleep. Trust me I ain't that inspiring!! ...Read More »
Content Insider #302 - Power Plays By Miles Weston Most folks focused on the eyecandy at Qualcomm's Uplinq and IDF (Intel Developer Forum) but beyond the wearables, goables we saw there is going to be a robust build-out of our infrastructure in the coming year - networks, servers, storage - all focused on delivering consumer and business services. If it all happens as the two firms envision entertainment will be everywhere and no one will be at home...darn I just got a new sofa! What it really means is a lot of work for all of us, all around the globe. Then all we have to do is figure out where to store all the stuff we're creating, sending, viewing, passing along. Oh that's right...the cloud! ...Read More »
Content Insider # 300 Testing the Sled By Miles Weston Kids are back in school, last summer holiday is past and the first Christmas TV ad has appeared. Sure it's still Indian Summer but manufacturers, retailers have been fine tuning all of their great new tools to reach you for nearly a year. They're tingling with anticipation. Bet you can't wait for Santa's (or whomever) little helpers to start helping you figure out what to buy for whom...and where. Take a peek at what you can expect in the way of marketing outreach this year. It's so cool... ...Read More »
Content Insider # 298 - Fast, Cheap Storage By Miles Weston The flash memory summit - solid state storage - was about more than the elegant, fast, key component of any mobile device you have. Despite it's extra cost, social media and search sites have to use lots of it to keep you from clicking away. Of course then there is all that business storage. For the "drudge" work nothing beats the price/capacity of a good rack of hard drives. Of course there is always the concern about whether all that digital stuff will be available for future generations. Right now nothing is hotter, sexier, more fun than super flash memory. Keep creating because you're funding the storage industry...big time! ...Read More »
Content Insider #297 - Subscriptions By Miles Weston If you read your software user agreement you never really bought it, you bought a license to use their stuff. It's the way it has always been for the big and medium iron folks. Now that we've been adding apps to all of our devices faster than you can imagine the software folks thought it was time to take another look at the pay-as-you-go model. Sometimes you just can't keep a good idea down. Who knows you might be able to get it free along with an ad now and then. They're making it tempting and very hard to disconnect from the cloud. Best of all you'll always know you're working with the latest upgrade and that's a very good thing! ...Read More »
What Accepting Bitcoin Can Do For Your Business By Nathan Barton Bitcoin has been around since 2009, but it's only recently that businesses have started to take notice of this interesting currency option. Bitcoin is a type of decentralized currency that is not backed or dependent on any particular country for value. Instead, the currency is created by "mining" Bitcoins using Central Processing Unit cycles and raw computing power. Over time, it requires more CPU power to mine the coins, controlling currency inflation. ...Read More »
Auckland Museum Builds Captivating 16-Monitor Video Wall to Promote Exhibits and Attractions The Auckland Museum, one of New Zealand's most popular tourist attractions, recognized the need to modernize the museum entrance's static information display with a more dynamic, multi-monitor approach. Outsourcing the project to Wallflower(r) Advanced Digital Signage, the digital signage firm incorporated two Matrox M9188 PCI Express(r) x16 octal-monitor graphics cards to drive sixteen 40-inch monitors in a four-by-four (4x4) video wall configuration, all from a single PC. The cost-effective digital signage system showcases high-resolution images and video at a total resolution of 7680x4320, providing the museum with an expansive medium to promote featured exhibitions and galleries. ...Read More »
Content Insider #291 - Next Great Thing By Miles Weston Hard to believe that you got it first and all your friends view you with awe, inspiration and envy. But yes you got one of the first whatever it was. You got your hands on a real innovation. It's a word we use freely and proudly today. You didn't develop a product/solution everyone really wants/really developed an innovation. Now all you have to do is hope folks buy it. Yes...that would be a real innovation. ...Read More »
Business Cards: 5 Ways to Make Them Memorable By Oraine Matthews Even in the digital age, business cards remain as useful as ever. A 2013 poll by found a majority of small business owners actually give out more business cards now than they did five years ago. Today, more than ever, it's essential to showcase your creative twist on a traditional business card. ...Read More »
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You? By Mark McClelland Computers autonomously trade stocks, manage the power grid, control air traffic, watch for terrorist activity, and perform myriad other functions that require tremendous coordination. To do this, they initiate conversations with each other, across networks of networks, day in and day out... but when it comes to interactions with us, we have historically preferred to be the ones to start things off. Google believes we're ready for that to change. ...Read More »
Content Insider # 290 - Rent It By Miles Weston Folks are so excited about the fresh crop of new, exciting devices and electronic things they've developed they can't wait to announce them to you over the next few months. There are so many coming so fast people no longer camp out in front of real or virtual stores anymore for 2-3 days to be first to get their hands on them. Of course a week or two later there will be another gala unveiling and you'll wonder what you did wrong. Maybe you didn't need to buy either one. What the heck you don't use it that much so why not rent it or maybe work out a swap of some of your stuff with some of his/her stuff. Then you won't have to find room for more stuff. ...Read More »
Content Insider # 286 - Word from Our Sponsor By Miles Weston Sponsored content sounds so much nicer than advetorial or paid editorial. But as marketing folks work to find better, more effective ways to reach you, convince you to buy professionally written sponsored content coming into its own. Of course that's hard for some publicists to do when they limit themselves to 140 characters or releases about innovative, leading edge solutions from the world/industry leader in whatever. That's ok there are plenty of good editorial writers and journalists out there who can write a solid educational, informational job. You know something that isn't filled with hype, pablum that very few read, even fewer believe. If publicists don't know how to/don't want to work at writing there are super journalists ready to take on the task. Good, balanced writing is good, balanced writing. ...Read More »
Content Insider # 285 - Entertain Me By Miles Weston People seem to be watching so much video/entertainment content today we wonder who is working. Movies on the big screen, medium screen, small screen are playing everywhere. Studios, networks, stations, indies are working hard to give consumers what they want in every format possible. And they want to keep that content and show it to you again and again and again to In 10, 20, 30 years when the stuff resurfaces it will be gee whiz new to the audience. Simply shoving it into the cloud doesn't work because well the cloud is based in huge data centers spread around the country. If it was your content how would you preserve it, monitize it for yourself and for your future generations? The answer is out there. ...Read More »
Using Interactive Video to Spur Engagement and Capture Metrics By Michael Castellano Video is a highly efficient way to communicate with audiences because it is personal, immediate and delivered on demand. Company representatives who are researching products and services online clearly prefer video: A recent Forbes article noted that almost 60% of business professionals said they would watch a video first before reading the text on the same page. But it's important to recognize that not all video messaging strategies are created equal. ...Read More »
Social Media Marketing in Times of Tragedy By Marsha Friedman If you're using social media for marketing, what should you say following a tragedy like the deadly blasts at the Boston Marathon on April 15? The horrific elementary school shootings in Newtown, Conn.? The October storm that took lives and devastated communities across the Northeast? Sometimes, nothing at all. ...Read More »
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