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One of the World's Largest Flight Information Displays Powered by Matrox M-Series Cards Munich Airport serves around 39-million passengers annually. The original analog flight information display system (FIDS) had been in operation since the airport opened in 1992, representing arrival and departure information on multiple small LEDs. The system required a high level of IT maintenance and intervention to keep it operational. Munich Airport sought a replacement solution that could reliably display flight arrival and departure information with minimal downtime. ...Read More »
Content Insider #366 - Holiday Travel By Miles Weston Work is grinding to a halt around the office as everyone does their holiday shopping. Not on their computers because IT can track where people are surfing (not that they do) but with their BYODs (bring your own device). They can shop in the bathroom, boring meetings, while someone else drives home. It's going to be Thanksgiving eating/shopping at all the same time. Every retailer (WW) wants to be 1st in your pocket. Can't wait ultil next year's Labor Day BBQ/black friday. Of course then they'll just go into your mobile device, tell you what you purchased (and or whom) and make their mobile withdrawal. In the meantime I'm watching a show on our 4K UHD TV, daughter's iPad, wife's iPhone...all on the couch. ...Read More »
Three Myths of Digital Media By James Webster We've seen a steady stream of books and articles about how digital media will affect everything from business to popular culture. But there's no consensus about what the future holds. Some writers believe we're at the dawn of a new participatory culture. Others are convinced that digital media will tear society apart. But most of these arguments are built on erroneous assumptions about digital media and how people use them.In writing The Marketplace of Attention I encountered three common myths. Users are in charge.We often hear that unlimited anywhere anytime media have finally put users in charge. In the world of business, pundits claim the "consumer is king". In journalism, critics gleefully talk about "the people formerly known as the audience." But celebrations of consumer sovereignty encourage a one-sided and seriously flawed understanding of the digital media marketplace. ...Read More »
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Adobe MAX 2014 By Ko Maruyama This week was the kickoff of Adobe MAX 2014, which seems to be the most concentrated convergence of Adobe creative users from around the world. In this series of articles I'll just present some notes from the convention and my experience as an attendee, a user, a community leader, and a professional user of their software and services. In this installment, I'll give a few words about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I may be the wrong candidate, or the perfect candidate to write about this, because I am a Apple/Mac fan, but I'm going to write this piece, and a few to follow on the Surface Pro. ...Read More »
Content Insider #359 - Video Ready By Miles Weston If you want to see an industry that is dramatic state of change look more than your screen - TV, iPhone, iPad or computer. We say iPhone, iPad because people with those devices seem to be the heavy web/online users according to a recent Adobe report (but your devices may vary). The iPeople represent more than 50 percent of the online traffic - watching, listening to entertainment; searching for stuff; cruising the social media/web and having a ball. But most households and individuals still use their new Smart UHD TV set for major viewing and the devices to fill in the gaps, check out everything they might be missing. The balance of power is finally shifting to the consumer and her voice is being heard...loud and clear. People are really taking advantage of Chris Anderson's Long Tail entertainment options. ...Read More »
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Content Insider #355 - New Bank By Miles Weston It's almost like when Apple sneezes the industry gets a cold. They aren't the biggest player in the industry, don't have the broadest product/service line but they are the most watched, loved, highly disliked around. I just find it interesting that in the world where tastes change so rapidly they do more things right than they do wrong and just keep plowing ahead. And the new relationships they seem to have in place (they never admit or deny just smirk) they could get the world to believe there really is a place for the mobile wallet in our daily lives. Boy that's gotta hurt a few Wall Streeters! ...Read More »
No Instant Success By Larry O Connor We love the observations of people "he's an overnight success" and "boy it must be great to be the big boss and give everyone orders." There's no such thing as an overnight success and it's tough being the boss and making people really believe the ultimate success or destruction of the company is based on how well they manage what they do and how they manage their failures because...they'll come. The CEO of OWC has some great advice for dealing with the challenges, the opportunities. ...Read More »
Content Insider # 352 - Living the Edge By Miles Weston Bet you think most of the companies you buy from only want profits and to have "Hi My Name is Anna" confuse you when you gripe. No they like to be liked on Facebook, their Twits' Tweets, Pinterest, LinkedIn, you name it just don't expect assistance after you like 'em. That's too dangerous. But there are some companies that talk to, listen to, help their customers. They get those five star awards based on customer surveys...see you really do count to a lot of folks. And we'll give you the inside story of why and how they do it!!! ...Read More »
Content Insider #351 - Next Gen Payments By Miles Weston England has announced plans to bring back the "good ol days" - The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire." No they aren't planning on occupying countries again. This time they've set their sights on being the global center for cyber money. You know it's the money that exists as 1s and 0s on computers somewhere that some people are accepting as cold hard cash. Actually it makes perfect sense because there's no need today for thousands of different currency with floating degrees of value being held by millions of yesteryear's banks. One currency worldwide to pay for stuff that's made all over the globe. Makes sense once you think about it... ...Read More »
Content Insider #350 - Peeking, Pecking By Miles Weston Social media is so much fun! It's a great way for friends, family to connect. It's almost as good as being there. That's why marketing folks like it...they can be right there on your device talking at you. Problem is everyone is listening in (or so it seems). I don't worry about the government folks. The folks down at BlackHat worry me...just a little. If you think your device - notebook, tablet, smartphone is ok, it probably isn't. ...Read More »
In a nutshell what is Hybrid cloud? By Sarah Lahav Hybrid cloud is an environment that utilizes both public and private clouds. This means that you can continue to manage some resources (such as storage of data) in-house and have others provided externally. Hybrid Cloud is generally a good option for those organizations that want to move to the Cloud but perhaps still have concerns over data security or sensitive operations. ...Read More »
Content Insider #347 - Moviola By Miles Weston Moviola was an early tool used to produce/edit films. It's faster, easier, cheaper today with advanced M&E cinematography solutions, techniques. Just ask the Cloud folks. Different story when you talk to the folks behind the camera and in front of the screen. The pressure is still on to do it faster, better, do it/save it once, keep it safe. The better/lower cost gear and solutions have helped a new breed of pro turn their ideas into visual reality for the world to enjoy. But some things remain the same - lots of talent/patience, no free time, loads of local storage (flash, HD). ...Read More »
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