Ripple Creative Group Turns to NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Communicating what's in the mind's eye of an architect or interior designer can be daunting, especially for large, unusual, or groundbreaking projects. Ripple Creative Group has built its business around visualizing building and real estate projects in such exquisite and accurate detail that anyone can see what the built project will actually look like. Their latest project, using one massive file for design and edits, not only let Ripple achieve the 100% paperless design/build process criteria for the ABC Green House virtual tour, it completely revamped the way they work, establishing a more efficient graphics pipeline that has become their new standard. ...Read More »
Americans Unhappy, Reports Reveal By Jackie Ruka America may be a wealthy country, but it's apparently not a happy one. Reports uncover strong majority of Americans are unhappy in their current jobs and that many professionally successful people-and those with notable wealth-are actually not happy; To help turn the tide, Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH) expert cites 10 scientifically proven strategies fostering professional workplace achievement, personal well-being, and national economic growth. ...Read More »
Into the Breach By Theodore Kobus and Pamela Jones Harbour Today's breed of hackers - many with global networks and substantial financial resources - have proven remarkably deft in getting around cybersecurity sentries. And regulators want to see more than the use of encryption or data tokenization as a valid defense. To be properly on alert - as well as compliant with federal and state privacy laws - companies need to conduct periodic cyber-risk assessments, prepare risk management protocols governing data integrity, and educate employees about best practices for safekeeping sensitive information. A business that doesn't fully understand its risks can't know which new system to acquire, or who should be tasked with overseeing its privacy function. ...Read More »
Content Insider #337 - Myths, Folklore By Miles Weston Bet you think you're the only person who isn't binging on your TV/video content on your phone, tablet while you're in the office, bathroom, classroom, store, wherever. You probably believe the telcos and anywhere we deliver TV folks. Of course you probably watch the show "Once Upon a Time" and believe it's reality TV...WRONG! Truth is folks have their devices with them in front of the big 4K set but they aren't watching something else they're getting a deeper, richer experience by getting info about the actors, plot, behind the scenes, costumes, plot and if the production/ad folks are really good how you can find out about and buy products. That should be enough to keep you busy and glued to the sofa. ...Read More »
Content Insider #335 - BYOC By Miles Weston It all seemed so innocent. Boss liked your iPhone, iPad you were flashing around the office - envious even. He wanted to be hip so he said throw out the black things and let folks use the device(s) they're more comfortable with. So democratic (also a little cheap). He knew you'd have your personal/business devices with you all the time, everywhere so great more work outta ya. But you also like using those fluffy, box like clouds for storing stuff - photos, videos, notes. He didn't count on you putting your proposals, presentations, contracts, business stuff up there also where the bad guys/gals lurk. Now there's heartbleed and malware everywhere and everyone's stuff is up for grabs. And there's no turning back...crud!!!! ...Read More »
5 Advertising Integrations Used In Video Games By Adam Dawson Although advertising in games has been around since the dawning of the industry, it hasn't seen as rapid of growth and success as it has in the past 10 years. Offering low CPM rates and the potential to increase notoriety in the 13-35 age demographic, this space has become extremely sought after by companies when monetizing their brand. Currently, there are five ad integrations that have proven to be most effective in doing so. ...Read More »
Their Service Shouldn't Be Forgotten By Larry O Connor Since Desert Storm OWC has sent necessities and products to our service men/women in the Middle East. Now that we are bringing them home we're shifting our support to helping them return to the lives they put on hold. They are changed because of their experience and I believe and often see they have grown in ways that can benefit business, their communities and all of us. ...Read More »
Don't Be Short-Sighted with your Website Marketing Strategy By Scott Buresh Many website owners now realize that actively steering visitors toward a clear POA (point-of-action) on their site is critical for increasing the website conversion rate, which improves the return on their website marketing investment. However, the primary POA is all-too-often an "all-or-nothing" proposition - meaning that it is often geared toward a specific kind of visitor, who is generally one that is at, or very near to, the point of decision. However not all of your potential customers are close to the point of decision that leads them to engage with your company. Ignoring their needs poses a risk that they will leave your site unsatisfied, many never to return. ...Read More »
NVIDIA Quadro, PNY, and RSA Cosmos Transport Brno Observatory/Planetarium Visitors to the End of the Galaxy Modern observatories and planetariums are places of wonder and exploration, with facilities for professional astronomers as well as kids and adults of all ages. RSA Cosmos, a global leader in designing and installing planetarium multi-media systems, is constantly pushing technology to create ever-better immersive experiences for visitors and researchers alike. At the Brno Observatory and Planetarium in the Czech Republic, RSA Cosmos has created a multi-sensory planetarium experience involving synchronized high-resolution projectors, seats programmed to enhance the visual experience, and simulated travels to the outer reaches of the galaxy, as well as to the past or future. ...Read More »
NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Change the Face of Travel at Vienna Airport Grabbing the attention of rushed passengers in one of Europe's busiest airports isn't an easy proposition. So when advertisers wanted to reach high-net-worth business travelers, Vienna Airport installed a compelling, innovative display technology that not only re-imagines advertising real estate, but also acts as an enlivening interactive art experience. Thanks to the new technology, passengers can have a more meaningful airport experience, advertisers are increasing their revenue stream, and Vienna airport is capturing more business travelers. ...Read More »
Gaming Is Big Business...for Those Employing Predictive Analytics For online and video gaming, the upheaval in industry practices toward digital has caused a drastic reconfiguration within business models, advertising revenue and the general approach to the industry at large. In this live webcast, you'll learn how predictive analytics can help you analyze a myriad of data, understand the attributes of high-value players, predict lifetime value and score individual players on various affinities so you can deliver the right offer at the right time. ...Read More »
IDG TechNetwork invites you to participate in a survey DG TechNetwork invites you to participate in a survey to help us deliver the online content and services most useful to you. ...Read More »
What Your Handbag Says About You By Elizabeth Mitchell for The Style Glossy Are you a free spirit? The queen of organization? Your bag might say more about your personality than you may think. ...Read More »
Getting It There By Miles Weston The 4K Ultra HD screens are brilliant to view and while people look on skeptically saying the content isn't there a few organizations are delivering not just great content but also content that can be streamed over broadband. This interview will get content owners thinking about the material stored in their vaults. ...Read More »
People Not Numbers By Larry O Connor The more customer data you have, the more you want until you forget what you're trying to do is figure out what the customer wants, needs. voice in what the company does, how it does it, how it is viewed, how it succeeds. Put the analytics aside and ask the customer! ...Read More »
Content Insider #325 - Video Everywhere By Miles Weston How many video links do you get a day? Five, 10, more? It used to be if you wanted to watch content you turned on your TV set. Today our kids have so many screen choices and so much video to watch that I've seen them watching TV, their iPads, their iPhone and Galaxy 4 (different preferences) while doing their homework on their ultralight notebooks. Me? I try to keep up with my emails and texts. Ancient man (and woman) told stories with pictures scrawled on cave walls so maybe we're regressing. and I can still read so it's OK. ...Read More »
To Ensure a Powerful Corporate Video, Leave It to the Professionals By Sebastian Thaler In the Internet age, corporate videos have taken on a new importance. There is no excuse for poor quality, even if the company doing the video is a shoestring start-up created out of a spare bedroom that is finally turning a profit. Maybe the company is well past that stage and about to go public, or already public and eager to get exposure to potential investors, partners and the world at large. Regardless of the scenario, a corporate video, when done right, can work wonders in helping take things to the next level by telling a company's story in a way that is effective and entertaining. ...Read More »
Content Insider #323 - The Office Online By Miles Weston We work so hard to use social media to make a great impression with customers and business partners. But if you're the boss I wonder why you're not spending as much time on your most important asset...the people in your organization. Almost every senior executive we know says his/her most important asset walks out the door every evening. If they're so valuable why are they so ignored? Why is their "don't do that" list longer than their "do do that" list? Treat em right - you know like adults, professionals - and they'll come back tomorrow. ...Read More »
Content Insider #322 - Wonders of WOM By Miles Weston Have you ever noticed that everyone - all the social thingies - are telling you how powerful they are, how much influence they have, what they deliver like no one else can? If only it were that easy. Well actually it is pretty easy but it requires something wierd...paying attention to the customer. Overnight success is fiction. It's slow, methodical, detailed one customer at a time. Do it right and the word gets around. ...Read More »
Delivering Results By Larry O Connor Customer service/support isn't just one person or one group. It takes different team members, different strengths to keep the customer safe. Today's best companies really are A-Teams. They're people (creative, motivated, dedicated) and customer resources (for systems, devices and software). Granted, our team's work is less dangerous and has a different type of stress; but the work is just as focused on results... delivering the ultimate customer experience. Today's customers won't wait for Plan B. ...Read More »
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