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Future Trend of One-Stop Mobile Phone Fix Repair Service

(January 08, 2018)

The world is getting closer and closer because of the existence of communication tools, all of which are provided by smartphones and other mobile devices. Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential part of everyone's daily life. Therefore, the existence of mobile phone fix industry is more important than ever. Cell phone repair shops and cell phone repair services have arisen all over the world. mobile phone fix industry includes the storefront repair shop, for professional phone fix technician, some of the most common tools are required to be available for your daily repair such as SMD rework station, solder station, etc. Of course, the industry also includes distributor business, you need to purchase phone parts or phone repair tools from the best supplier to ensure that you have a smooth and long-term business process development.

For the mobile service provider, enough confidence and skills are required to handle different cell phone failures. Of course, it takes enough experience and patience. What kind of cell phone faults are the most common for cell phone repair service in daily repair?


Cracked screen

Dropping cell phone to cause damage accidentally is the most common happens on users. Most of cell phone devices undoubtedly have awesome high-resolution displays, but when they are discarded to step on or rebound from hard surfaces, they will not have strong elasticity. Unfortunately, the only way to fix these screens is to replace them completely. Although you can use your own toolkit, it's difficult for the general user to change the screen, because they don't have enough experience or tools to do enough work and have a strong risk of further damage to the equipment. It will need to replace a new phone screen by a professional phone fix service.

Water Damage

Water damage on cell phone is very common around everyone. It's easy to cause the disaster when putting the phone in a swimming pool, a toilet, or a lake. If this happens, the proper way is to remove the SIM card, memory card and battery as soon as possible , then dry them to prevent cell phone from short circuit. It will take at least 24 hours to re insert the cell phone, then turn on the power to make sure the device is completely dry. At the same time, do not press any buttons, and do not use a blower or cell phone too much to avoid further introducing the water into the circuit. Now it's the best choice to send cell phone to a professional technician, which will require professional skills and tools such as a microscope, a hot air gun, and so on.

There are also many other cell phone damage that technicians would fix:

- Speaker Replacement

- Headphone Jack Repair

- USB/Charge Port Repair

- Ring/Vibrating Toggle Repair

- Power Button Repair

- Home Button Repair

- Sim Card Tray Replacement

How to be a reliable and professional mobile phone fix service to get more business and customers' support? No doubt, the key is to try best to satify customers. A "one stop service" will be the first choice since it's awlays been "professional, efficient, guaranteed".

"One stop service" is a combination of premium products and services. As long as the customer needs, all the problems can be solved. Once you enter his service website, there is no need to waste time looking for second mobile phone repair tools suppliers. In order to expand the business scale, one-stop solution service providers will do their best to meet customer needs and save you a lot of time and efficiency. If you do the long-term business of mobile phone repair, you must get enough appreciation if you can purchase as many goods as possible at the store from a sufficient supplier. Suppliers not only provide product sales, but also provide you with mobile technology skills. However, from a customer's point of view, a one-stop solution service provider makes it impossible for other competitors to compete with him.


Professional Skills

For cell phone repair industry, enough experience tends to be a sign of expertise. A good mobile phone fix service must had accumulated a lot of professional cell phone repair knowledge, you can look for additional services that they can provide, for instance, when you have any problems on repair machine like iPhone NAND Test fixture, system upgrading, etc. For get better sevice, they have to be like this and have been through in the mobile phone repair business field for a long time.

Efficient Customer Service

Customer service has become a requirement for all enterprises to maintain or expand market share, so you can see how important it is! High quality customer service can be regarded as the product of the brand economy, it means a lot no matter for suppliers or purchasers. So choose a supplier with high quality customer service will good for your long term business development. They often offer you good patience, good attitude, good action and good solution.

Guaranteed After-sale Service

After-sale service is unavoidable for whatever you offer, when buying from a good supplier, whatever the commodity warranty, after-sales service or other relevant regulations,  you can get rid of doubts and determined to buy goods. First you can see they have confidence on the product they provide, second you will don't worry about anything else. This will help you to make sure and be fast to get the products and services you need.

In addition to the above points, a one-stop mobile phone fix service shop also needs to provide a full range of cell phone repair tools to meet different customers' needs. What tools are essential for professional mobile phone repair? What tools are needed to open a one-stop mobile phone fix shop?


A. Disassembly Tool

- Screwdriver: It's the most essential tool to disassemble a cell phone. There are many kinds of screwdrivers, the most commonly used is Phillips screwdriver with a plus (+) shape head. The Pentalobe screwdrivers are also very common used on iPhone. The whole set of screwdrivers will include all types of phone fix screwdrivers which can be available for different operation.

- Opening pry tools: The prying tools are used to open cell phone case or screen. There all kinds of opening pry tools with different shape and material for different parts disassembly.

- LCD separator: Because some cell phone display and glass are fused, and if you want to replace it, you have to buy the whole set. Many people save money by breaking the glass. So you need to separate the glass from the LCD and take it out carefully. Therefore, the glass separator came into being.

B. Diagnosis Tool

- Multimeter: Used for checking batteries, speakers, microphones, speakers and other various parts. It's also used for checking cell phone PCB broken tracks. There are 2 types of multimeter. Digital multimeter and analog multimeter. Due to the accuracy and ease of use, it is best to use digital multimeter.

-Oscilloscope: Fast and accurate detect the key testing point of related information, and display in the oscilloscope screen with the form of waveform. Through observing the waveform of various signals, the maintenance personnel can judge the fault point and the range of the fault. This is also the most common and simple way to overhaul a smartphone.

C. Soldering Tools

- Solder Iron: used for welding components or wires on PCB. It is also used to make jumpers, that is, bridging the broken tracks.

- Rework station: Used to heat and replace IC chips on the motherboard. It is also used to remove or install welding components on the PCB.

- Jumper wire: it is a copper wire used for motor winding. It is used to make jumpers from one point to another, if one track is open (broken).

- Solder wire: Used for welding components. In most tin wires, the ratio of Sn / Pb is 60:40. As lead is harmful to health, you can also use lead-free solder wire.

- Flux: used in heating and removing integrated circuits. It is suitable for IC edge heating and eliminating them.

D. Other Tools

- Pliers: you need to use pliers to cut the wire, or gently smooth any parts removed.

- Tweezers: Tweezers will be required if you need to clamp or lift electronic components.

- Lamps: illuminate the service with lights so that you can see clearly. If you don't need it, it's not necessary.

- Magnifier: it's necessary to see all the widgets and clearly see the PCB.

- PCB holder: also called PCB rack. When you solder on the PCB, you need a PCB bracket so that the PCB doesn't move.

- DC power supply: DC power is also known as battery charger, battery booster and battery eliminator by maintenance technicians. Its work is to convert AC current into DC current. It is used for fast charging batteries.


There are also many other tools needed for building an one-stop mobile phone fix service shop, your mobile handset of any model or series may experience all sorts of problems related to the hardware issue, software problem, or OS issues, as a mobile phone after-sales market solution provider, will cover every solution and technology sharing for your cell phone problems. If you need any help, please leave message.

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